Father David L. Zink, Pastor

Greetings! For all of you who are visitors to the site allow me to introduce myself. My name is Father David L. Zink, and I was ordained a Catholic priest serving the Archdiocese of Cincinnati on June 1, 1990.  I have had an interesting journey. For about seven years, I was a teacher in the Dayton public school system. In 1976, I experienced a deep conversion to Jesus Christ and felt a call to give my life entirely to Him. So I pursued a calling at the Abbey of St. Gregory the Great in Portsmouth, Rhode Island. For seven years I was a Benedictine monk teaching in the Abbey school. Pursuing studies at the Dominican House of Studies in Washington, D.C. along with some of my fellow Benedictines, I felt a call to a more active life and ministry. Since I was in simple vows, I asked the Abbot, our spiritual father, and the Monastic Council at the Abbey to release me from vows so I could pursue a more active expression of priesthood, serving in parishes. I returned home to Dayton, Ohio and applied for candidacy in the Archdiocese of Cincinnati and was ordained two years later. I have served at these two parishes since 2001. I love serving God in others and especially offering the Sacrifice of the Mass. Jesus is the Heart of God and Eucharist is the Heart of Jesus. I praise and thank God for the 24 years He has given me so far to bring Jesus to others.

North Star / Osgood Region Parishes